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We have a wide range of well designed and constructed prefabricated cabins, Portable cabins made from low maintenance materials that are easy to transport and install. There is a good resale market for cabins and they are easy to relocate when no longer required for their original purpose. Ask us for a quote on one of our designs or supply your own design for us to quote on.

office cabin
site office cabin

NATIONAL PORTABLE CABINS provides secure, comfortable working accommodations to project staff engaged in the delivery of fast track building solutions. These durable steel units are supplied in various standard layouts, which embrace office and welfare accommodations.

As one of India’s leading cabin manufacturers we have lots of different cabin designs that are suitable for caravan park accommodation or backpacker units and are happy to customize them to your requirements. For example, if you are looking to cater for backpackers and want a long module that has 4 bedrooms with 2 double-decker bunks in each bedroom, we can build it! We can supply prefabricated transportable buildings, or buildings in kit form if that is what you require. Contact us via the enquiry form and we will quote on your requirements or your design.

National Portable Cabin specializes in the following types of cabins and containers and which are available in various sizes and specifications :

1. Portable Cabins5. Toll Booths
2. Site Offices6. Site Store Room
3. Security Guard Cabins7. Bunk Houses
4. Pre Fabricated Structure8. Portable Toilets & Bathrooms